Dr. Dhaval Shah

Dedication to the field of medicine

Dr. Dhaval Shah, MD, is a distinguished figure in the field of medicine, known for his unwavering dedication to healthcare and medical research. Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, he is a proud US citizen and holds an active medical license in the state. Dr. Shah’s extensive career spans various roles that reflect his commitment to advancing the medical field.

As the CEO of InfusionmedUSA, Carrollton Hospital, Dr. Shah demonstrates his leadership in healthcare administration. Additionally, his role as the Chief Development Officer for Improve Bio-Science, a company focused on pancreatic cancer research, underscores his passion for innovative medical solutions.

Dr. Shah’s dedication extends to patient care, as he serves as the Medical Director at the CIDS Wound, Hyperbaric & Infusion Center for outpatient care. Furthermore, his role as Teaching Faculty in the Infectious Diseases Training Program at Mountain View Hospital showcases his commitment to educating the next generation of medical professionals.

An accomplished educator and researcher, Dr. Shah is an Associate Professor of Infectious Disease at TOURO University. He also plays a vital role in healthcare leadership, serving as the Chairman of the P&T committee at Mountain View Hospital, Las Vegas, and as the Chairman of Infection Control at multiple healthcare facilities.

His contributions to healthcare innovation are further exemplified by his past ownership of MM LAB, a medical marijuana testing facility, and his status as a Fellowship-Trained Infectious Disease specialist and Genomic Researcher.

Dr. Dhaval Shah’s dedication to the field of medicine has earned him numerous awards, including recognition as one of “America’s Top Physicians” by the Consumers’ Research Council of America and the title of “Best Infectious Diseases Doctor of Las Vegas.” He has also received honors for excellence in research and scholarships for his groundbreaking work on AIDS and opportunistic infections in India.

Professional Credentials


    • American Board of Hyperbaric and Wound Healing (2015-Present): Board Certified in HBO & Wound Care.
    • Montefiore Medical Center, AECOM, New York (2005-2007): Completed Infectious Diseases Fellowship.
    • North Shore University Hospital, New York (2002-2005): Earned an MD in Internal Medicine.
    • Sir Lord Irwin Hospital, Jamnagar, India (1991-1999): Achieved a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).
    • M. P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar, India (1998-2000): Pursued Microbiology-Immunology Fellowship.


    • CEO, InfusionmedUSA, Carrollton Hospital: Demonstrating leadership in healthcare administration.
    • Chief Development Officer, Improve Bio-Science: Advancing pancreatic cancer research.
    • Medical Director, CIDS Wound, Hyperbaric & Infusion Center: Providing outpatient care.
    • Teaching Faculty, Infectious Diseases Training Program, Mountain View Hospital: Educating future medical professionals.
    • Associate Professor of Infectious Disease, TOURO University: Contributing to academia.
    • Chairman of P&T Committee, Mountain View Hospital, Las Vegas: Leadership in healthcare management.
    • Chairman of Infection Control, Multiple Hospitals: Ensuring patient safety.
    • CEO & Owner, MM LAB: Operating a medical marijuana testing facility.
    • Fellowship-Trained Infectious Disease Specialist and Genomic Researcher: Advancing medical knowledge.

Empowering Medicine, Advancing Healthcare – Dr. Dhaval Shah, MD.

The Dr. DHAVAL SHAH Scholarship was established in 2023 to honor Dr. SHAH’s exceptional contributions to medicine and his dedication to mentoring future physicians. We hope this scholarship will support students who embody Dr. SHAH’s spirit of excellence, compassion, and innovation in healthcare. To learn more about applying, please contact us at [email protected] or visit the Application page. Thank you for your interest in this prestigious award honoring an inspirational leader in medicine.


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